APE pallet racking
Pallet Racking

Designed, engineered and tested in Australia, APE pallet racking complies with Australian Standard 4084-2012 and is a cost-effective solution to your storage needs. Call APE for sizes and installation costs.

APE drive-in racking
Drive-in Racking

Drive-in racking is designed for a low number of high volume/high turnover products where time and volume efficiency is important. APE’s drive-in racking is designed according to FEM 10.2.07. and tested to AS 4084-2012.

APE cantilever racking
Cantilever Racking

Optimum storage for long, awkward and oversized products with easy accessibility. Available in light- and medium-duty, APE cantilever racking is engineered to comply with AS 4084-2012.

APE longspan shelving
Longspan Shelving

An inexpensive solution ideal for applications such as box or archive storage, storerooms, parts storage, workshops and workbenches. APE longspan shelving is available in a variety of shelf types.

APE vertical storage racking
Vertical Racking

Ideal for storing a large volume of products that have a large height. APE vertical racking is constructed and tested to the Australian Standard 4084-2012. A large variety of sizes are available through APE Manufacturing.

APE stackable stillages
Stackable Stillages

Designed to store awkward objects for easy transport, APE ganlvanised stackable stillages are easily stacked vertically to make optimum use of available space in your yard, warehouse or storage facility.

APE galvanised mesh cage
Galvanised Mesh Cage

Capable of being stacked, held in pallet racking, or folded down for easy storage when not in use. APE galvanised mesh cages are constructed with 6mm mesh for strength and durability.

APE racking accessories
Racking Accessories

From mesh deck, post protection plates, anchors, row spacers, supporting equipment, post caps, through to safety clips and loading signs, APE has the racking accessories you need.