APE stretch wrap
Stretch Wrap

APE stretch wrap is a highly stretchable plastic film used to tightly bind items together. Most commonly used on pallets, it is available in clear or black.

APE bundling wrap
Bundling Wrap

APE bundling wrap strongly binds your products together for packaging purposes. The bundling film sticks to itself and is easy to use with a dispenser.

APE adhesive tape
Adhesive Tape

APE offers clear, brown, single- and doubled-sided adhesive tape together with options marked 'fragile', 'top loading' and more. Talk to APE for details of the full range.

APE invoice slips
Invoice Slips

APE self-adhensive invoice slip enslosure packs are a great way to safely and securely add paperwork and customer invoices to packaging for transport.

APE marker pens
Marker Pens

Save time and save money by ordering your marker pens when you order your other APE packaging products. Ask us about the range we stock.

APE packaging strapping

APE has your strapping needs covered with a range of steel, polyester and polypropylene strapping and all the appropriate seals and buckles.

APE strapping equipment
Strapping Equipment

APE offers a comprehensive range of strapping equipment including crimpers, tensioning tools, strapping trolleys and more.