APE celining light guard
Ceiling Light Guard

APE ceiling light guards help prevent roof fires. Made from thermoplastic flame-retardant material they suit most downlights, including low voltage and R80 units, and are suitable for use on gyprock and fibrous plaster ceilings.

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APE slab canister
Slab Canister

The APE Slab Canister accommodates fittings with both 'mousetrap' and 'butterfly' clips. The slab canister accepts most electronic transformers/drivers, and is suitable for 12 volt to 24 volt halogen, fluorescent, LED and dome R80 downlights.

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APE slab canister
LED Slab Canister

Specifically designed for LED downlights with built-in transformer/driver, the APE LED Slab Canister’s unique ‘V’ design eliminates the need to align ‘mousetrap’ clips giving you a faster, easier installation. Ideal for adjustable gimbals.

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APE slab canister
Slab Canister Reducer

Allows 72mm to 78mm diameter downlights to be installed using standard 92mm diameter APE Slab Canister (APE SLABI/T) and APE LED Slab Canister (APE SLABI/V). The reducer glues into canister prior to concrete pour.

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APE low voltage slab canister
Low Voltage Slab Canister

Made from flame-retardent polypropylene, the APE LV slab canister has an easy-instalation flange which screws to formwork and automatically detaches when formwork is removed.

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APE junction box
Junction Box

Made from flame-retardent ABS, the APE junction box features a pre-nailed base for faster installation and an easy-to-use clip-on cover. Fast and efficient, APE Junction Boxes come in handy packs of 20.

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APE underground marker tape
Underground Marker Tape

APE stocks a comprehensive range of non-detectable and detectable underground marker tapes for the electrical, communications, gas, water, fire and irrigation markets.

APE cable slab
Cable Slab

APE cable covers provide a solid, protective safety barrier with an early visual warning. Designed to resist penetration and last for decades underground without degradation.

APE Telstra rope
Telstra Rope

APE 'Telstra' polypropylene ropes offer maximum strength and minimal kinking when pulling cables through conduit and pipe. Often used in fibre optic installation into main ducts.

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